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This is the help documentation for users for the fantasy golf application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salary Cap?

There is a Salary Cap for each tournament within a fantasy golf game. The Salary Cap for each tournament will be shown on the tournament detail page and the picks page. When there is not a Salary Cap for a tournament, then users can pick the maximum number of players based upon the game.

The player's individual salary cap can either be static or change through out the season, depending on how the manager of the game updates the player salary cap.

Why must I pick players for each tournament?

The reason you must pick players for each tournament is because fantasy golf games are suppose to be interactive. By having to pick a group of players for each tournament that is being used for the game, you are more engaged with the game. Picking X number of players for the entire season at the beginning of the year (before the first tournament is played) means you have no real interest in checking back and updating your picks. If you have an opportunity to pick players for each tournament, then you are visiting on a regular basis, hopefully at least once a week (if there is a tournament each week). This game is suppose to be interactive and make you think.

I do not see any players in the Picks page to be able to pick

On the Picks page, if the "Players" filter is set for a tournament, and that tournament's field has not been added to the tournament, then the list of players will show as being empty. Either you will need to wait until the field for the selected tournament is entered into the system and make your picks from the list then, or you can uncheck the "Tournament" option in the "Players" filter, hit the "Apply Filter" button and see all of the players in the system. You can then select the players you want for a selected tournament accordingly. Also, if you have selected to receive emails in your profile, the system will send an email notification to you when a field added for each tournament.

Why are not all of the players in the field for a tournament?

Players are added to the FanGolf system at the beginning of the year based upon the previous year. If a new player plays in a tournament over the course of the current year, that player will not be added to the system until the following year. So in the current year, that player will not show in the results of the tournaments accordingly.

When can I pick players for a tournament?

The options for picking players for a tournament are "before", "on day 1", "on day 2", and "on day 3". Each game has these options. However, it is up to the game administrator to decide which of these options are available for the users and if there is a earnings discount associated with them (i.e. 30% earnings discount for picking on day 1).

The date is based upon the start date of the tournament, with the time based upon the timezone of the tournament.

You are never allowed to pick players on the last day of the tournament. So if the tournament is only 3 days, and the game allows for picking players "on day 3", you will still not be able to make picks for the tournament on day 3.

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