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2014 the Masters
May 14-18, 2014



Its that time of year again and GolfWRX is holding the First of Golf Major's Contest for 2014.

You have to be a registered member (registration is free) and logged in to pick your golfers. One entry per person. Picks are now synchronized to time of day and there is now a COUNTDOWN CLOCK. So last chance to pick is 6:59 am(of the timezone of the tournament) of Day 3.

Detailed Guidelines and Rules

Choose any 5 *Golfers in the field.

Users can choose and switch players all the way up to RD 3.

o After RD 1 -15% Penalty against player's earnings
o After RD 2 -35% Penalty against player's earnings
o After RD 3 -60% Penalty against player's earnings

*Amateurs = $0.00 earnings.

Here is how Winners are chosen by minus any penalty for changes.

1. Net Earnings

If Net Earnings are the same, then the system looks at:

2. Least Amount of Player Salary, the player's salary cap for the tournament. (Not Applicable in Master's Tournament)

If Least Amount of Player Salary is the same, then the system looks at:

3. Lowest Number of Picks by the user

If the lowest number of picks by the user is the same, then the system looks at:

4. The Earliest Timestamp of the user's last pick
Prizes to be announced:

*Entire Field has been entered from date 4/5. Includes those who may or may not accept invitations.

Basic Rules
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# of Tournaments: 0 [ tournaments ]
Max Picks per Tournament: 5
Max Times Player can be Picked: 1
Salary Cap: Specific for each Tournament
When Can Pick Players: Before Tournament Starts
On Day 1 (discount: 15%)
On Day 2 (discount: 35%)
On Day 3 (discount: 60%)
Game Rankings
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